[Interview] Eugene Kaspersky on Cybercrime and Hacktivists at #ITUWORLD12 Dubai UAE

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, had some interesting things to say during his visit to ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai. Computer viruses have moved on from young kidsmaking basic programs to prove themsleves in the IT world to criminals doing it for financial motives. Around the world, there are increasing incidents of organised […]

Infographic: The Most Devoted Social Media Brands in the UAE: Etisalat, Etihad followed by MarkaVIP, Sony Mobile ME and du

Social Media in the UAE – Which brands in the UAE are most responsive to their fans? Having the largest number of fans on your Facebook page does not necessarily mean you are the most responsive to them. New social media statistics by Social Bakers for the month of September for UAE brands on Social […]

150+ takeaways from #InboundSci – Science of Inbound Marketing webinar by Hubspot

The Science of Inbound Marketing – World’s Most Tweeted Webinar by Hubspot

Social Media ROI – Murdoch University Dubai organises Women’s Lunchbox 2012

When was the last time you took a peek in someone’s lunchbox? How could I resist an event that said “social media”, “ROI” and “lunchbox” in the same breath? There was just one problem. It also said ‘women’. Only women. I happen to be a man, intrigued and tempted by the ad in the newspaper […]

First Google Hangout for UAE bloggers in Dubai


The First Google Hangout for UAE Bloggers was held at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai Google has hit the ground running this year with the launch of personalised results in search, company-wide evangelising of Google+ as the new frontier in social networking with 90 million users, aggressive trimming around the edges on its product portfolio, and […]