Twitter power – how social media can make or break you in minutes.

Sometimes, the best case studies for advertising, marketing and PR are in day to day events. In recent days, I noticed two excellent examples of the power of social media, Twitter in particular. Read on to see how one Twitter entry made a 23-year old famous around the world in minutes. And led to global embarrassment […]

Plagiarism in advertising: Copywriting legend Indra Sinha from the UK shares his views

The discussion on plagiarism and copy-paste creativity in advertising continues with this post. Looks like my earlier post has struck a chord, with the kind of response I have received. Everyone has, at least once in their life, had their idea stolen, borrowed, killed only to be resurrected again with someone else’s name on it. An interesting, almost ironic, thing happened right […]

Plagiarism and copy-paste creativity in advertising – copywriter in Dubai, UAE, continues the discussion on ethics in advertising

We the creative people in advertising – the creative directors, copywriters, art directors, graphic designers – take great pride in producing original ideas. At least that’s what we claim. Then we see from amongst us, creatives being caught for copying not just a treatment or idea but entire sentences, phrases, tag lines, layouts with the […]

Apple Macintosh’s legendary ‘Think Different’ campaign by TBWA Chiat/Day: A dream ad for any creative copywriter

For me as an advertising copywriter in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it’s good to benchmark with ads that have made a global impact. What is the stuff that memorable ads are made of? One campaign that remains etched in my memory and gives me the I-wish-I’d-done-that feeling is Apple Macintosh’s ‘Think Different‘. The personalities that the campaign featured were […]

Advertising account manager from the UK on why he loves us creative people so much

Creative people in advertising agencies usually share a love-hate relationship with their client servicing counterparts, also called account executives or simply ‘suits’. I had blogged about this in my post titled ‘Advertising account executives I fall in love with‘ (yeah, if people can love chihuahuas… suits are people too). Mark Hutchinson, a senior account manager from the UK with accounts like […]