Brilliant advertising copy for a brilliant client – Hewlett-Packard (HP) the company of inventors

Hewlett-Packard is a dream client to make ads for. In fact, most IT brands are great to work for, specially if you are a techie like me. I have written for HP, Compaq and Microsoft and I just can’t get enough. There’s one ad by HP which is a part of its memorable ‘invent’ campaign […]

Tobacco Advertising: Will you do it? Or will you say ‘No’?

An interesting post has been put up by Richard Abbott on the Campaign Middle East blog – we’re having The great tobacco debate there. I have provided a few reasons why publications should and do refuse to publish ads that encourage the fatal habit of smoking. Some of the most reputed publications in the world […]

Does age matter in advertising agencies?

Can one be too old to be in advertising? Or too young? Advertising is a young person’s business, we are being told by some. The new age advertising agency needs to have ideators who know their ipods. Age and experience can be a disadvantage in the digital mindscape, some are saying. The need for “intellectual […]

The life of a freelance writer

Freelancing is the grass that looks green to the full-timed corporate drones. The dream to one day be one’s own boss seems hard to resist. But it can also be a nightmare. A freshly discovered blog by Ratna Rajaiah, an ex-advertising suit now a freelance writer, tells it like it is about freelancing: So you […]

Advertising account executives I fall in love with: 5 rare qualities I just can’t resist

What happened to my good taste, you ask. Read on. It’s hard to fall in love with an account executive. But as the slogan says, “Impossible is nothing”. During my adventures and stints at various agencies, I have come across a few traits that can endear me to an account executive, even though many times […]