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Freelance Copywriting Tip – How to spot a bad client in 60 seconds


10. Wants to know your fee BEFORE seeing your work 9. Wants a quote before explaining scope of work 8. Keeps repeating ‘it’s a very simple job’ (NOT)

If you can write words, does it make you a copywriter?

copywriting is a fine art and profession

Copywriting is not about stringing together fancy words. It’s about establishing and staying true to a brand’s personality that resonates with its target audience. It’s about persuading prospects with words. It’s ‘salesmanship in print’, not greeting-card poetry. Copywriting is hard work. Being a good communicator is a basic minimum skill a good copywriter must have. […]

Apple Macintosh’s legendary ‘Think Different’ campaign by TBWA Chiat/Day: A dream ad for any creative copywriter

For me as an advertising copywriter in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it’s good to benchmark with ads that have made a global impact. What is the stuff that memorable ads are made of? One campaign that remains etched in my memory and gives me the I-wish-I’d-done-that feeling is Apple Macintosh’s ‘Think Different‘. The personalities that the campaign featured were […]

Brilliant advertising copy for a brilliant client – Hewlett-Packard (HP) the company of inventors

Hewlett-Packard is a dream client to make ads for. In fact, most IT brands are great to work for, specially if you are a techie like me. I have written for HP, Compaq and Microsoft and I just can’t get enough. There’s one ad by HP which is a part of its memorable ‘invent’ campaign […]

The life of a freelance writer

Freelancing is the grass that looks green to the full-timed corporate drones. The dream to one day be one’s own boss seems hard to resist. But it can also be a nightmare. A freshly discovered blog by Ratna Rajaiah, an ex-advertising suit now a freelance writer, tells it like it is about freelancing: So you […]