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Advertising account manager from the UK on why he loves us creative people so much

Creative people in advertising agencies usually share a love-hate relationship with their client servicing counterparts, also called account executives or simply ‘suits’. I had blogged about this in my post titled ‘Advertising account executives I fall in love with‘ (yeah, if people can love chihuahuas… suits are people too). Mark Hutchinson, a senior account manager from the UK with accounts like […]

Brilliant advertising copy for a brilliant client – Hewlett-Packard (HP) the company of inventors

Hewlett-Packard is a dream client to make ads for. In fact, most IT brands are great to work for, specially if you are a techie like me. I have written for HP, Compaq and Microsoft and I just can’t get enough. There’s one ad by HP which is a part of its memorable ‘invent’ campaign […]

Tobacco Advertising: Will you do it? Or will you say ‘No’?

An interesting post has been put up by Richard Abbott on the Campaign Middle East blog – we’re having The great tobacco debate there. I have provided a few reasons why publications should and do refuse to publish ads that encourage the fatal habit of smoking. Some of the most reputed publications in the world […]

Does age matter in advertising agencies?

Can one be too old to be in advertising? Or too young? Advertising is a young person’s business, we are being told by some. The new age advertising agency needs to have ideators who know their ipods. Age and experience can be a disadvantage in the digital mindscape, some are saying. The need for “intellectual […]

The life of a freelance writer

Freelancing is the grass that looks green to the full-timed corporate drones. The dream to one day be one’s own boss seems hard to resist. But it can also be a nightmare. A freshly discovered blog by Ratna Rajaiah, an ex-advertising suit now a freelance writer, tells it like it is about freelancing: So you […]