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Advertising account executives I fall in love with: 5 rare qualities I just can’t resist

What happened to my good taste, you ask. Read on. It’s hard to fall in love with an account executive. But as the slogan says, “Impossible is nothing”. During my adventures and stints at various agencies, I have come across a few traits that can endear me to an account executive, even though many times […]

Why we need more women in creative departments

A full page ad for raising awareness of breast cancer: Two round bombs in the centre of a page, with their wicks ignited, reminding you of the cartoon series Road Runner with that pesky “Beep Beep” character. The intelligent, sensitive headline? “Bust cancer“ I don’t think a woman wrote or conceptualised this. That’s why I […]

Who’s your target audience? Not the client.

I couldn’t resist picking up TIME magazine’s February 20 issue with the Google team on its cover for an inside look at the $100 billion Google empire. The cover story, by Adi Ignatius, is well written, packed with info, quotes, inside information about the crazy creative Google world. Pictures of the Google headquarters show off […]

Social Responsibility: Is it about black & white ads and a few cents in charity?

What exactly is social responsibility for a business? Does an arms manufacturer’s donation to the Peace Corps make bombs safer? Does a tobacco company’s lung cancer funding make cigarettes healthier? Does a brewery’s TV spot against drunk-driving reduce alcoholism? Does an offshore oil company’s documentary on marine life, save it? As creative writers, designers and […]

Creative Awards: Do Clients Really Care?

It’s not unusual to see a client calling for a pitch of agencies despite getting years of award-winning creative campaigns from its existing agency. Which brings us to the sensitive question – how important are awards won by an advertising agency in the eyes of a client? Gulf Marketing Review‘s annual Agency & Client survey […]