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Get a Quora invite now before you miss the next web revolution

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A whole new game is being played as you read this. If we are in the Information Age, I am predicting that this would be this age’s major web milestone. Meet – the site that is softly starting a whole new revolution in information sharing online. You need a Quora invite to join though […]

Choosing a corporate blogging platform? 10 reasons why WordPress is better for business than Blogger


So many businesses are ready to enter the blogging world. The first question is where to blog? Should it be Blogger (owned by Google) or WordPress (open source CMS as well as free blogging service)? What’s the difference? What’s good from a marketing and advertising person’s point of view? I blog on Blogger as well […]

Apple Macintosh’s legendary ‘Think Different’ campaign by TBWA Chiat/Day: A dream ad for any creative copywriter

For me as an advertising copywriter in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it’s good to benchmark with ads that have made a global impact. What is the stuff that memorable ads are made of? One campaign that remains etched in my memory and gives me the I-wish-I’d-done-that feeling is Apple Macintosh’s ‘Think Different‘. The personalities that the campaign featured were […]

Brilliant advertising copy for a brilliant client – Hewlett-Packard (HP) the company of inventors

Hewlett-Packard is a dream client to make ads for. In fact, most IT brands are great to work for, specially if you are a techie like me. I have written for HP, Compaq and Microsoft and I just can’t get enough. There’s one ad by HP which is a part of its memorable ‘invent’ campaign […]