Can a freelance copywriter also be a journalist, SEO consultant and internet marketer?


But it isn’t my fault… entirely.

It’s what happens when you mix a knack for persuasive writing with a passion for creative marketing and an incurable addiction to the internet?

For over 10 years, I’ve been working with some of the most admired brands in the world – helping them communicate effectively with creative ideas, compelling copy and most importantly, a consistent tone of voice.

You can look them up on my ‘Clients’ page (wouldn’t the clients just love me for making their logos bigger… finally after all these years?).

My marketing education and those hours spent reading Philip Kotler and Tom Peters help me understand market challenges and consumer behaviour better than most ‘arty’ creatives.

So, yes, I wouldn’t be falling asleep during an intense marketing strategy meeting. But listening intently.

And ‘getting’ it too.

The years spent at TBWA as a senior copywriter and a persistent rule breaker in the world’s most disruptive agency have confirmed my life long suspicions…

Mediocrity is evil.

‘Nice’ is an insult.

How did the HELL did you do that?‘ is a compliment.

Like when you use a million pictures of real people to create the world’s largest ad. (Ask me about it.)

The gruelling days (and nights) at spent at Wunderman and a childhood fascination with this Claude Hopkins guy who loved putting coupons in his ads have made me a firm believer in testing and measuring results like a obsessive-compulsive numbers freak. Now, how many writers have you met who have these abnormalities.

The love of direct marketing, long copy and time-tested headlines gives me an edge when it comes to Google AdWords, SEO and email marketing. I don’t do scam ads for winning creative awards. My ads pull in response. And clicks too.

More than half a decade of business journalism covering industries from hospitality to cosmetics, from corporate responsibility to Islamic finance, has kept me up to date with ground realities of the market.

I’ve interviewed the movers and shakers of the business world in the Middle East. Spotted trends. Broken news. Ruffled a few feathers. Lived to tell the tale.

So, if you’ve got a brand that needs to connect with people in a memorable and unique way, or if you’ve got a great story to share with the world – I can be of service. In more ways than one…

Advertising Services

  • Communication Strategy Consultant, Creative Direction and Copywriting – Press, Magazine, Outdoor, Direct Mail
  • Conceptual Consultant and Scriptwriter – TV Commercials
  • Creative Director and Copywriter – Corporate Profiles, Brochures, Catalogues, Annual Reviews
  • Scriptwriter – Radio Spots
  • Newsletter Editor and Features Writer

Internet Services

  • Online Content Manager, Editor and Writer – Building and maintaining a distinct and interesting brand persona online
  • Search Engine Optimisation Consultant – Getting top search engine placements and better traffic
  • Google Adwords Manager & Campaign Optimiser – Lower CPCs, higher CTRs, more qualified leads per campaign
  • Social Media Strategist, Trainer and Manager – Using Facebook and Twitter for brand exposure and engagement
  • Corporate Blogging – Building, managing and popularising corporate blogs and humanising the brand online
  • Email Marketing Strategist- Conceptualisation, creative direction, media planning and content management of  email marketing campaigns and e-newsletters
  • Personal Brand Building Consultant – Succeeding as a personal brand online using websites, blogs, networking and social media sites

Journalism Services

  • Freelance Reporter
  • Feature Writer
  • Correspendent
  • Photojournalist
  • Interviewer
  • E-correspondent

Public Relations Services

  • Public Relations Writer
  • Online Image Manager
  • Online PR Consultant

If you’re wondering how one person can meet your communication needs in so many ways (and do it well), there’s only one way to know for sure.

Get in touch.

And ask for proof.

I’ve got plenty.