Creative Awards: Do Clients Really Care?


It’s not unusual to see a client calling for a pitch of agencies despite getting years of award-winning creative campaigns from its existing agency.

Which brings us to the sensitive question – how important are awards won by an advertising agency in the eyes of a client?

Gulf Marketing Review‘s annual Agency & Client survey conducted by Ipsos-stat has revealed that awards won by an advertising agency are not even in the top 15 considerations when clients rate agencies.

The most important agency strengths evaluated by a client when choosing an advertising agency, both agencies and clients felt, are the agency’s understanding of the client’s objectives, needs and markets.

For the clients, effectiveness comes next.

Which brings us to the next question – the debate that never ends in advertising circles.

Are all creative award-winning ads effective too?

“Of course,” our friendly neighbourhood creative directors will reply in a confident chorus. But then the entries which were submitted for creativity awards should also shine in forthcoming GMR Effectiveness in Marketing Awards 2006. No?

We’ll see.

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