How to select the most effective social media platform and build a marketing funnel


Every social media platform is not suitable for every business.

Each social media channel has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

One of the major reasons why brands and businesses are unable to get a good ROI through social media is lack of understanding the suitability of social media channel or platform for their business and communication needs.

If you are a B2B brand targeting the C-Suite, Facebook may not be your best bet but LinkedIn might be.

If you are an entertainment brand with stunning multimedia content, Facebook may give you more impact and exposure than Twitter.

If you are a retailer selling to women in the US, and have great product shots on your website, Pinterest could bring you the most traffic.

How do you judge which platform would work best for you? And then, what do you do with the traffic that comes in on social media platforms?

You must build a marketing funnel and lead the followers and fans into it – because in the end, if the fans and followers on social media do not convert, it isn’t really effective return on your investment.

This well-designed infographic by Neil Patel’s Quicksprout shows you at one glance how you can choose the most appropriate social media platform/s for your business and then build a marketing funnel around it.

Social Media Marketing Funnel Comparison Platforms

What has been your experience with various social platforms? What works best for your business?

Do you see beyond fans and followers to creating a well planned marketing funnel using social media as the gateway?

Your insights and opinions are welcome in the comments…

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