150+ takeaways from #InboundSci – Science of Inbound Marketing webinar by Hubspot


The Science of Inbound Marketing #InboundSci – best of 20,000 tweets

Hubspot is one the most powerful and efficient players when it comes to building databases, providing tremendous value in its free reports to subscribers, in sharing best practices in social media, landing page optimisation, SEO, all things digital.

I don’t even remember how many forms I have filled and how many free information loaded books I have downloaded from Hubspot. Each one providing very high value. For free.

So, if Hubspot were to invite me to the world’s most buzzed about webinar about social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging – would I refuse? Of course not.

The Science of Inbound Marketing Webinar by Hubspot and Hootsuite – 20,000 tweets in an hour – here are the best ones!

Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at Hubspot, covered a lot of ground with his rapid fire 60 minute session covering digital publishing, ebooks, landing page optimisation, blogging, email marketing, lead generation, Twitter and Facebook best practices.

As Hubspot fans know – lots of free and valluable infromation is expected and was delivered. A competition for most active Twitter users using the event hashtag #InboundSci were to win tickets to the upcoming live event by Hubspot later in the year must have flooded Twitter timelines and lost many a follower for those tweeting like there’s tomorrow.

I have spent a night and a day sifting through all the tweets to bring you the best learnings from what I believe could have been one of the most valuable seminars ever on social media with such a high level of global participation and social emdia buzz.

Imagine the amount of links Hubspot generated to their target page in just ONE HOUR – hope it doesn’t invite a Google penalty!

Below is a curated version of the top tweets and learnings from the webinar – please allow the page to load tweets in batches and then click at the bottom button to see more tweets – I believe there are more than a hundred of them… remember to comment and share with everyone you think will benefit from this effort.

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The Science of Inbound Marketing – World’s Most Tweeted Webinar by Hubspot – Top Tweets and Learnings:

The Science of Inbound Marketing – World’s Most Tweeted Webinar by Hubspot

Update on 15 July 2012: Hubspot’s Science of Inbound Marketing (#InboundSci) – what I loved and what I think needs improvement – a blogger’s POV as encouraged in the webinar 

What I loved about the #InboundSci webinar:

  1. Value: It was a lot of free value delivered in an hour, Dan spoke really fast. Hubspot is one of my top rated brands for sharing information
  2. Accessibility: The webinar format made it possible for people from any location and time zone to join and benefit.
  3. No obligation: We didn’t have to give credit card details or buy anything at the end – although it led up to their upcoming Inbound 12 live conference.
  4. Landing page tips: Extremely valuable information – Hubspot are masters at lead generation and shared very valuable data from copy to form elements
  5. Blogging tips: I loved the fact that people read blogs for the blogggers insights and analysis – also advice on titles and descriptions and optimal times to post
  6. Facebook tips: Good info about times people read, etc.
  7. Twitter tips: Loved the bits about optimal times to tweet, words that get retweeted more, stats on what works, etc
  8. Contest: People could attend and win tickets, books, etc. So there was value in the webinar and value in attending and tweeting too
  9. Follow-up: The attendees were emailed with some top questions and their answers – Dan tweeted asking for people’s learnings.
  10. Humility: I loved the humility with which they were quick to mention that they did NOT break a world record after the event. Make me like them for being forthright.
  11. RT love: Dan retweeted some top learnings. Dan retweeted this post with over 100 learnings and links to most other posts. Yes – he did!

What I think needs to be rethought and improved next time around:

  1. Contest Structure: People could win prizes based on how frequently they tweeted it was understood. Yes, #InboundSci trended because of the enormous number of tweets even after the event but the focus should be on quality not quantity of tweets to win. It was a nightmare going through thousands of identical and plain vanilla tweets. There were even tweets (as you will see in my Storify) about unfollows and account suspensions but I have not personally confirmed this since I was not live tweeting but rather Storified the top tweets here. When I live tweet events, I expect a few unfollows but when the content is valuable, the net result is a rise in my followers. Twitter also has limit on how many tweets you can make in a giveb time frame. Although Hubspot is not responsible for people who cross the line of too many irrelevant tweets but I think Hubspot should set a bettter precedent in designing its contest where the participant does not have to face being seen as ‘spammy’ when all he is doing is trying to win.
  2. Contest Results: A lot of prizes were promised but it has taken a long time to announce the complete results (I saw 10 announced winners in my Storify one day after the event when I put up this post) – the number of tweets generated could have been too many to go through – Dan Zarrella said 20,000 tweets were generated (see point above). I am sure all winners will be announced but sooner is better.
  3. Sharing the Numbers: How many people attended? A lot of people want to know but there was no response when this post went up. You do owe it to the audience specially if the event has been promoted as a world record attemp to share the numbers.
  4. Focus on Learning: If everyone is busy tweeting a non-replay webinar to win a prize, the ability to really absorb and interact diminishes. Could there not be a way to generate buzz without making it difficult for attendees to concentrate on the presentation?
  5. Balance: From the tweets I saw, I think there was a lop-sided coverage of SEO – an implication that all one needs is good content and social media. Although I am a content and social media specialist myself – I do not think that replaces SEO and the need to have specialist help in it. There is more to SEO than just having a content writer and social media plan. Optimisation of images and video, researching for good linking partners, monitoring of SERPs, key word research, the purely technical aspects of ensuring that the site is well structured and built to be friendly to search engines – these cannot be handled by a writer or inhouse mostly. It’s ok for search engines to say you don’t need SEO (it affects their relevancy and their PPC business negatively) – but the ‘SEO is dead’ line need not be adopted by inbound marketers in favour of social media or content – all of these are crucial in my opinion.
  6. Brand Consistency [the most important point to consider in my opinion]: Hubspot has made its name for providing great value content in return for permission to communicate and continue to be in our inboxes. We love it for that. However, there was no replay of this webinar. No transcripts or slides were made available (making the deck available to attendees is standard procedure for social media webinars these days, soon after the webinar). Hubspot can respond to this saying that it was free so we don’t want to give away the info which is very valuable, and I would respect that – but it crushes the image I have of Hubspot. I was even asked through a tweet by Dan Zarrella to remove the Slideshare presentation I had embedded into this post of Annamarie Tush – an MBA student who had captured many slides from the live webinar. These could have been very helpful for those who had not attended the event live – but wanted to. Although I did remove the Slideshare embed because I have a high regard for Hubspot and Dan Zarella, and their willingness to share so much of what they know for free – I think they would have won even more fans and followers (and leads) if they they had recorded the webinar and been generous with their slide deck. After all, making a free one-hour webinar publicly available through a replay would not reduce the sign-ups for a 3-day live event. They should have not just made it available but even embeddable – with a call to action at the end – that would really be walking the social media and providing value talk in my eyes.

Final verdict – just my opinion – you are welcome to agree, disagree and diiscuss in the comments…

Hubspot, Hootsuite and Dan Zarrella did an amazing job with the research, the presentation and the sharing of their insights into the crucial elements of online exposure and engagment, covering a lot of ground in 60 minutes with people from around the world through the #InboundSci webinar. All participants must have surely taken away a bunch of learnings they can immediately implement and benefit from.

A replay and the slide deck would have tremendously benefited everyone since too much information was shared too fast – and one of the reasons blog posts like this one by me exist. Going back again and again replaying Hubspot and Dan would have endeared me more to both. It is still not late and if they release the slidedeck (Sherrie Rose pointed me to a Slideshare presentation that has been made private by Hubspot here) or a recording for the general public – I would want to be the first one to feature and sprread it around. And give them a BIG pat on their back for walking the talk.

Here’s another slide deck from Hubspot that also has a lot of usabe information and covers a lot of ground – from blogging, email marketing and landing page optimisation to social media:

Useful Links:
1. The official landing page of the webinar with a streaming Tweetchat box
2. The event that this webinar was leading up to – HubSpot’s annual conference – Inbound 2012 from August 27-30, 2012 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, USA.
4. Dan Zarrella’s book – Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas
3. Susan Hanshaw’s blog post of summarised takeaways from the webinar
5. A Flickr gallery (not mine) with some slides of the live presentation that was not recorded (thanks for the tip @TheMikeEllis)
6. Sherrie Rose has written a very intelligent blog post on how Hubspot can improve the participant experience – if you are going to organise something like this webinar – I highly recommend that you read and bookmark her post to read what not to do.
7. Jason Flores of Tekna Design has bullet-listed the takeaways of the #InboundSci topic wise in a very organised manner – 60 minutes of learning in 6 minutes!
8. @UrbanRenstorm of Viking Marketing Solutions has compiled a list of people who have blogged the event, including me. He’s done a good job too.

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  1. UrbanRenstrom

     /  July 16, 2012


    Thanks for your impressive compilation
    of the best tweets from the webinar. I missed the webinar and am thirsty for
    the info Dan and Ben offered.

    Thanks to your heroic efforts. I am able to relive the webinar in tweet format! Not the same as being there, but, second

    I have mentioned this blog post in
    my own post. I am trying to compile a resource from the webinar for all Inbound Marketers.

    Here is a link to the post where I cited this post http://www.vikingmarketingsolutions.ie/blog/inbound-marketing-webinar-recap/


    • Thanks for your comment Ben and link back to my post – I guess my exhaustive post with loads of references in a list format has made it pretty easy for more compilation posts – now with your comment and post link in it – you get a link back too 🙂

  2. Farrukh,

    You did a very comprehensive blog post on #InboundSci and an excellent follow-up. 

    There were MANY top-notch points shared on this webinar presented by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot.  I prefer to look at the positive, however, the drawback on this webinar was the focus on pressured competitive tweeting about the webinar which took away from the valuable content.

    Hubspot, an organization with almost 400 staff, still holds the world record for largest webinar attendance (10,000).  Mari Smith, who is an entrepreneur, not a large company, held a webinar earlier this year and attracted 5700 attendees.  Subject matter and timing have everything to do with the success of a webinar.

    Sherrie Rose
    The Webinar Way 

    @SherrieRose on Twitter

    • Thanks for your inputs Sherrie – you did an awesome job with your analytical post yourself. I am a big fan of Hubspot. And a loyal student of Mari Smith too – one of the top Facebook trainers around. Andvery sweet to boot 🙂

  3. Really great webinar yesterday!! It was fun and REALLY informative. Thanks! 🙂 

    •  Truly it was one of the best social media webinars I have seen, Rachel. Nothing less is expected from Hubspot and Dan Zarrella! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!


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