[Interview] Eugene Kaspersky on Cybercrime and Hacktivists at #ITUWORLD12 Dubai UAE


Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, had some interesting things to say during his visit to ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai.

Computer viruses have moved on from young kidsmaking basic programs to prove themsleves in the IT world to criminals doing it for financial motives.

Around the world, there are increasing incidents of organised cybercrime and rise of a whole new breed of cyber attackers – hacktivists.

“We are seeing more and more attacks that can cause cyber sabotage,” says Eugene Kaspersky. And it raises a lot of concern because there are computers everywhere – most of carry computers and network based devices wherevere we go.

“This world is managed by computers – it is getting more and more close to The Matrix,” Kaspersky says.

He suggests setting up backup networks, creating international agreements betweeen governments not to use cyber weapons. However, he feels activists and hacktivists would be diffficult to talk to or persuade in this manner.

I’m paranoid and optimistic at the same time. I’m paranoid because all the time I am thinking of worst case scenarios. I’m optimistic because there are solutions and there are strategies to make this world more safe and more secure.

Eugene Kaspersky
CEO and Founder – Kaspersky Lab
Speaking at ITU Telecom World 2012
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Video Interview with Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, at ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai, UAE

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