[Interview] Eugene Kaspersky on Cybercrime and Hacktivists at #ITUWORLD12 Dubai UAE

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, had some interesting things to say during his visit to ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai.

Computer viruses have moved on from young kidsmaking basic programs to prove themsleves in the IT world to criminals doing it for financial motives.

Around the world, there are increasing incidents of organised cybercrime and rise of a whole new breed of cyber attackers – hacktivists.

“We are seeing more and more attacks that can cause cyber sabotage,” says Eugene Kaspersky. And it raises a lot of concern because there are computers everywhere – most of carry computers and network based devices wherevere we go.

“This world is managed by computers – it is getting more and more close to The Matrix,” Kaspersky says.

He suggests setting up backup networks, creating international agreements betweeen governments not to use cyber weapons. However, he feels activists and hacktivists would be diffficult to talk to or persuade in this manner.

I’m paranoid and optimistic at the same time. I’m paranoid because all the time I am thinking of worst case scenarios. I’m optimistic because there are solutions and there are strategies to make this world more safe and more secure.

Eugene Kaspersky
CEO and Founder – Kaspersky Lab
Speaking at ITU Telecom World 2012
Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Video Interview with Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and Founder, Kaspersky Lab, at ITU Telecom World 2012, Dubai, UAE

Infographic: The Most Devoted Social Media Brands in the UAE: Etisalat, Etihad followed by MarkaVIP, Sony Mobile ME and du

Social Media in the UAE – Which brands in the UAE are most responsive to their fans?

Having the largest number of fans on your Facebook page does not necessarily mean you are the most responsive to them.

New social media statistics by Social Bakers for the month of September for UAE brands on Social Media reveal that the brands on top of lists for number of fans aren’t the brands the are most ‘devoted’ in a new metric that measures percentage and number of fan questions answered per month by a brand.

While Emirates tops in the total number of fans and average engagement listings and Etihad Airways is nowhere in the top 10 most followed UAE pages on Facebook, it has the second most ‘Socially Devoted Brand’ according to Social Bakers. Etisalat is at the top position for answering fan queries and du is trailing behind at the fifth position.

The way I see it, a metric based on number of questions answered by brands is too broad a metric and needs to be refined. Why? Because brands that have a very high level of customer queries or technical problems will almost always have a chance to be on top as ‘socially devoted’ brands as long as they are answering those queries. So, you see telecom and mobile brands like Etisalat, du and Sony Mobile in the top five socially devoted brand list. Also, if you are an e-commerce site like MarkaVIP – you would lots of questions coming in.

But what if you;re a brand that everyone’s is happy with and where there aren’t many questions to ask or answer – would you not be social devoted?

I think it is a very good thing to measure response time, frequency, ratio to questions etc as a social media metric – good initiative by Social Bakers and a good indicator of who’s listening and responding and walking the social media talk in the UAE.

Social Media in UAE Brands Statistics Figures 2012


150+ takeaways from #InboundSci – Science of Inbound Marketing webinar by Hubspot

The Science of Inbound Marketing #InboundSci – best of 20,000 tweets

Hubspot is one the most powerful and efficient players when it comes to building databases, providing tremendous value in its free reports to subscribers, in sharing best practices in social media, landing page optimisation, SEO, all things digital.

I don’t even remember how many forms I have filled and how many free information loaded books I have downloaded from Hubspot. Each one providing very high value. For free.

So, if Hubspot were to invite me to the world’s most buzzed about webinar about social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging – would I refuse? Of course not.

The Science of Inbound Marketing Webinar by Hubspot and Hootsuite – 20,000 tweets in an hour – here are the best ones!

Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist at Hubspot, covered a lot of ground with his rapid fire 60 minute session covering digital publishing, ebooks, landing page optimisation, blogging, email marketing, lead generation, Twitter and Facebook best practices.

As Hubspot fans know – lots of free and valluable infromation is expected and was delivered. A competition for most active Twitter users using the event hashtag #InboundSci were to win tickets to the upcoming live event by Hubspot later in the year must have flooded Twitter timelines and lost many a follower for those tweeting like there’s tomorrow.

I have spent a night and a day sifting through all the tweets to bring you the best learnings from what I believe could have been one of the most valuable seminars ever on social media with such a high level of global participation and social emdia buzz.

Imagine the amount of links Hubspot generated to their target page in just ONE HOUR – hope it doesn’t invite a Google penalty!

Below is a curated version of the top tweets and learnings from the webinar – please allow the page to load tweets in batches and then click at the bottom button to see more tweets – I believe there are more than a hundred of them… remember to comment and share with everyone you think will benefit from this effort.

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Social Media ROI – Murdoch University Dubai organises Women’s Lunchbox 2012

When was the last time you took a peek in someone’s lunchbox?

How could I resist an event that said “social media”, “ROI” and “lunchbox” in the same breath?

There was just one problem. It also said ‘women’. Only women.

I happen to be a man, intrigued and tempted by the ad in the newspaper – the debut of the Women’s Lunchbox 2012 in the UAE.

What does a woman’s lunchbox have to do with social media and ROI?

As a social media specialist who advises, trains and consults clients on the best use of networking platforms for business, I had to figure out what this was all about. To tune in on this new, unique frequency.

To find out what the women of the UAE were planning under the guise of an event intelligently named like a culinary treat.

Was the Women’s Lunchbox at Emirates Towers setting the stage for another secret revolution in the Middle East – led by women?

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First Google Hangout for UAE bloggers in Dubai

Google UAE Bloggers Hangout Dubai Pavilion Downtown

The First Google Hangout for UAE Bloggers was held at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

The First Google Hangout for UAE Bloggers was held at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

Google has hit the ground running this year with the launch of personalised results in search, company-wide evangelising of Google+ as the new frontier in social networking with 90 million users, aggressive trimming around the edges on its product portfolio, and more.

Bloggers and influencers in the UAE could feel the intensity and passion by which Google is powering ahead when we got invites to ‘hang out’ with Googlers at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai on 18 January 2012.

I received an invite from Firaas Salah from Ketchum RAAD Middle East to attend the first ever Google Hangout with UAE Bloggers in Dubai.

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