Get a Quora invite now before you miss the next web revolution

A whole new game is being played as you read this. If we are in the Information Age, I am predicting that this would be this age’s major web milestone.

quora logoMeet – the site that is softly starting a whole new revolution in information sharing online.

You need a Quora invite to join though – keep reading to see how you can get a Quora invite.

Quora invite

Quora is a continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The most important thing is to have each question page become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about the question.” is what Quora describes itself as.

I would describe it differently.

It’s what you get if you combine Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Twitter. Searchable information that’s being updated live by people and shared on social networks instantly.

Where any question you have could be answered by one of the top players in the field.

Within a few minutes of your asking.

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Freelance Copywriting Tip – How to spot a bad client in 60 seconds


10. Wants to know your fee BEFORE seeing your work

9. Wants a quote before explaining scope of work

8. Keeps repeating ‘it’s a very simple job’ (NOT)

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Christmas Tree Made of Toblerone Chocolate in Dubai, UAE

A Christmas Tree made of chocolate

Here’s a treat on the occasion of Christmas for all my blog readers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE and around the world… a Christmas tree made of Toblerone chocolates… treating chocoholics since 1868. Enjoy!

Christman Tree Made of Toblerone Chocolate

Christmas Tree Made of Toblerone Chocolate in Dubai, UAE

I had taken this picture last year at the Unlimited Power Online Conference at the Mövenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. That’s where I met Michael Koenigs of Traffic Geyser, John Carlton – the copywriting legend, Mike Filsaime known for his Butterfly Marketing, Russell Brunson, Barry Dunlop, Dean Hunt, Andrew Lock, Reg Athwal – active people in the internet marketing world.

If this tree isn’t intelligent, delicious advertising, what is? There was even a prize for guessing how many bars are in that tree. What was your favourite Christmas ad idea? Comments are open…

Choosing a corporate blogging platform? 10 reasons why WordPress is better for business than Blogger

So many businesses are ready to enter the blogging world. The first question is where to blog? Should it be Blogger (owned by Google) or WordPress (open source CMS as well as free blogging service)? What’s the difference? What’s good from a marketing and advertising person’s point of view?

I blog on Blogger as well as WordPress. And here’s why WordPress gets my vote. 10 solid reasons:

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If you can write words, does it make you a copywriter?

copywriting is a fine art and profession

Copywriting is not about stringing together fancy words. It’s about establishing and staying true to a brand’s personality that resonates with its target audience. It’s about persuading prospects with words. It’s ‘salesmanship in print’, not greeting-card poetry.

Copywriting is hard work. Being a good communicator is a basic minimum skill a good copywriter must have. Being able to convey his point across in words, powerfully and memorably, should come easily to him. Researching companies, getting inside the mind of prospects, talking the talk of the consumer should be part of the ace writer’s arsenal.

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