The first interactive 360-degree 8K YouTube video in the world is from #Dubai #UAE


First 8 k 360 degree YouTube video in the world

YouTube’s first ever 8K resolution fully interactive 360 degree video in the world is now available for viewing and playing around with – thanks to

On, you can interact with panoramic video and timelapses from locations across Dubai, including 24 hour timelapses from the very pinnacle of the Burj Khalifathe world’s tallest building, and the Burj al Arab – the world’s only 7 star hotel.

Now, combining the interactivity of 360 video with the astonishing resolution available in 8K – 16 times the number of pixels in regular HD video – has uploaded a 24 hour timelapse of Dubai Airport.

“When viewing 360 degree video, the available resolution is spread across the entire sphere, regardless of the field of view that the viewer is looking at. This means that for a typical field of view of 90 degrees, even with 4K resolution, there are only 1000 pixels available. With 8K 360 video, that resolution is doubled to 2000 pixels – equivalent to what you see when viewing regular full HD video…”
Ismaeil Al Hashmi
Project Director
Dubai 360

Launched this January, currently showcases over 1200 pieces of panoramic content – videos, timelapses and still panoramas – from around Dubai.

As of June 2015, there are now over 2000 pieces of integrated panoramic content linked by close to 20,000 hotspots – including a huge tour of Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall by retail area; multi-gigapixel panoramas from the pinnacles of some of Dubai’s most iconic structures; over 150 aerial panoramas shot from a helicopter, giving a unique perspective on this dynamic city; and a tour of “Old Dubai” showcasing the older areas of the city and its many Cultural and Heritage sites.

PS: The interactivity 360 degree view movable with arrows did not work on Firefox but worked like a charm on Google Chrome.

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