Who reads this crazy stuff?


Who would read the blog of an advertising copywriter from Abu Dhabi, near Dubai, UAE?



Hundreds of thousands?




This is not an ad showcase blog.

No ads to steal or copy here.

Mostly words.

It’s a copywriter’s blog.

What do you expect.

Here are a few people who have taken the time to not just read this blog but contribute with their comments and feedback too…

It is a privilege to be given a few minutes when one can visit any of the billion pages online.

Thank you for visiting!

Yahya Hautamaki – November 3, 2009

Salam ‘Aleikum Akhi – Your post hit my nail… It fit like a glove in to our company’s situation

Vinod – July 5, 2009

Hi Farrukh,

I read your blogs today for the first time, and I am impressed with your posts. Its really cool. Congrats for your success & wish you much more in future as well. Your blogs are not only impressive but they are motivating too.

Sarah – October 28, 2008

Hi Farruk,

what’s a great blog!
Really it is an interesting blog for people who are interested in Advertising.
You have posted Great, Valuable & Useful information about Advertising.
I just want to know what is your opinion about Ads campaign in Abu Dhabi, Is it creative or as some said it is not creative as it should be?

Simon – September 4, 2008

Interesting. Like your blog. I’m a freelance art director based in London working at M&CSaatchi at the moment.
What I’d like to say is, I worked in Dubai about 15 years ago. To judge by the standard of your work, the standards of advertising and general creativity have gone up a lot since I was there all those years ago.
Keep it up

Anvar – May 29, 2008

Hi Farrukh

I like the kind of things you’re doing, and I like your blog

All the best!

Jithu – May 17, 2008

Hi Farukh,

Really impressive and interesting to read your blog and your big heart to give tips and suggestions to budding young minds. I feel this is some thing great to have a mindset to share what you have experienced and it makes easier for those who are still looking for their initial career span.

Good Wishes!!

Kamaal Mustafa Sikander – January 9, 2008

Very interesting and informative blog Farrukh. Your name is apparently now synonymous with copywriting in UAE. I am glad to know that you are always eager to help people seeking an advertising career in the gulf.

Wish you all the best in your creative pursuits!

Kamaal Mustafa Sikander

Shilov – October 17, 2007

Hi Farrukh,
Quite an interesting blog you have here. And I must congragulate you on having kept it alive, especially with your responses in the comments section.

clement olusoji – October 16, 2007

Dear Farrukh,
i have been tremendously inspired by your great works. it has really spurred me on and am leaving no stone unturned to get to that enviable platform you presently occupy. i am a journalist cum copy writer and would love to work is strategic alliance with you.
its a rare privilege having gurus like you you around.
keep up the good work bros.

Hasan Anwer Zuberi – August 28, 2007

Dear Brother Farukkh,

As salam o alaikum wr. wb.

Hasan Zuberi, publicist from Karachi, Pakistan.

Allhamdolillah, God has rewarded you with very good writing skills and even that with great creativity. Keep up the good work.

May Allah give you more success in both lives.

Sanjay Batheja – June 1, 2007

Hi Farrukh
This is Sanjay Batheja – class mate 93. Dude this blog looks great and am proud of ur achievements. Great work!
Rgds Sanjay

Best Desi – April 25, 2007

Always good to see people who take some time out to help others 🙂 you just gained a lot of respect in my eyes.

Take Care

Kenny G

Rami El Souki – April 12, 2007

Dear Mr Farrukh,

It’s really an honor to write you our comments where you’ll write us back. I think that what you’re doing is just Amazing, so keep up the good work and may God help you in everything you plan for.

Rami El Souki

Mohammed Zahid – April 8, 2007

Hi Farrukh

Its Zahid here, I used to read your blogs and really impressed with.
I always show my mates, this is Farrukh and see what the good thoughts he has, who try to guide the people through his talent.
I am really happy to see it that you are as good person as ever ” a helping hand to needy”.

Keep it up!

Have a good time


DiscoDan! – March 29, 2007

Hi Farrukh,

Sorry for taking so long time to finally drop by your blog and say hello, our beloved People’s Republic is currently blocking all WordPress blogs, (yesterday Blogger was finally accessible from inside the PRC again) so I had to be a little bit creative. 😉

A nice blog it is indeed, thanks for the coverage of the Dubai Lynx!
I’ll be sure to drop by here more often.
And if you’re ever in China… 😉

Kind regards

Vikram – March 15, 2007

HI Farrukh

You have a very impressive blog. Loved the HP & Percept ads…
Bookmarking your site…. makes me nostalgic of my Advertising days…

Ritesh – March 11, 2007

Hi Farrukh,

Your blog has helped me a lot in re-affirming my faith in the local job market, especially in the advertising field. It is very rare that you run across into a person who has this unsatisfying urge to help others. Going by the number of people who must be be gaining something substantial out of your blog, you definitely deserve a sincere pat on the back. Keep up the good work, Farrukh. I, too, will definitely do something good and noble like you, in the hope that some lost soul may come looking for a direction, just like I had.

Stuart M – December 10, 2006

Hey Farrukh ever thought about becoming a recruitment consultant? In seriousness some great views on this blog, tend to skip across from Campaign to Flip, now i’ve found this blog as well to vent some of my frustrations and twisted humour. Keep up the good work.

Ahmed – January 31, 2007

thats such a Cool Website i loved the idea Its Soo Out there anyways i sent you my CV and i dont know what is the next step lol

this is Ahmed From Jordan – Amman

jojo dsouza – September 27, 2006

Hi Farrukh,

now this is really like light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been in advertising and media in Goa – India for over ten years and came here to better my prospects. I’ve been here a month and it’s tough going, but then it got me going too … i just came across your site and i found it had all the insights i need.

jesse adeniji – June 19, 2006

Hey Farrukh,

Your blog is great and instructive for me. As a one-time journalist and now a copywriter in LeoBurnett Lagos, i think i find your writing style unique.

And… the first comment on my blog – January 2006…

Rick – 2006/01/30

Your blog is very interesting! I’m interested in entering your very same career area in Dubai. Currently I work in London. I’m an American. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but perhaps you could email me back information on going about getting a job in copywriting in Dubai as an ex-pat?

Kind regards,


I rarely get any hate mail. But here’s the first one I got. I have no idea why 🙂

naveen kumar gupta – April 19, 2007

dont make your self self fish
I know you are doing all work for money and publicity but the people are not fool as you think.
go to hail

And here’s part of what I replied back to my ‘fan’…

farrukh: copywriter & journalist – April 19, 2007

Welcome Naveen Kumar Gupta,

Congratulations – you get the award for sending me the first hate mail! Looks like I am becoming famous now 😉

Yes, I do charge for my copywriting and journalism services, and yes, this blog is to share my writing and views with people across the world.

But no, I do not help or guide people for money or fame – it’s something I do because my faith and philosophy require me to. Perhaps difficult for you to understand.

Meet me for coffee sometime, bro, and maybe I’ll be able to help you turn all that negative energy to some good purpose – like having a blog of your own.